almost there...

this past weekend, he put a few of the finishing touches on me. he polished up my salvaged fender. applied a set of tank pads from a '66-'67 bonnie. and last but not least, took the steel wool to the side covers, converting them to a nice satin version of their formers selves.


  1. Sweet. this has been a great build to follow...

  2. Scottie, my boy, I sure do dig your style my friend and fellow moto-head. The boys of DEUS would certainly agree with your lovely creation, fo sho!


  3. Fantastic creation!

    Have you some clear coating on the gas tank or something else to keep it from rust?

    I look forward to follow your next build!


    1. thanks guys! I actually left the tank bare so that it always has a bit of patina. it adds a bit of character to the bike. of course i have to hit it with metal polish every month or so to keep it bright, but i like how it's looking.

      i just had a my first kid last week, but give me a little time, and i'll be back in the garage.