camera ready

we showed up to a tv shoot and happened to run into a photographer that was fortunately happy to fire off a few shots and chew the fat about the build.


  1. I'm new to your blog but after discovering it, read virtually every post you've done. My blog started out the same way...charting my personal build progress but evolved into something else over time. I love your (bike's) point of view during the posts. Very fun and clever. Keep up the good work!

    1. honored and flattered. thanks for the interest and note. i hope to get another bike going very soon. cheers.

  2. hi scott, how did you finish your polished tank? just a clear coating? or powder coating?

  3. It's not cleared or coated, just stripped and hand polished. It requires a touch up every month or so, but actually has a really nice patina.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Firstly, great blog. Super interesting, well done and love the bike!
    I'm just starting a similar project over the winter up here in Portland OR. I'm trying to figure out my tire choice as it effects so much else on the bike. I've also been looking at Coker Classic Diamonds (Front 400-19 / Rear 450-18) on Excel Shouldered rims.

    I'd love to know how well the Cokers ride? I wouldn't expect modern street tire performance, but I also want to feel confient on them.

    It would be great to hear your first hand experience!

    Thanks, David.

  5. hey david. thanks for the kind words. it was a fun build and i'm itching to start another. as for the all depends on what kind of riding you're doing. for around town and to and from the coffee shop rides, they're perfect. if you're planning on putting the highway miles down, i might look elsewhere. they do look pretty tasty though. good luck with the build and keep me posted. cheers.

  6. Hey Scott. Thanks for getting back to me. I will mostly be riding around town and doing the 10mile commute to work when the weather is nice. Other than that, it's leisurely Sunday rides in to the country... I'd be really interested to know how they performed on your trip to Malibu?

  7. PS. Did you take the front fender off for aesthetic or functional reasons?
    I was wondering if the stock fender brackets will work with a 19 x 400

  8. David, did you get my email response?

  9. Hi Scott, this is awesome! I'm personally taking my bonnie through a conversion as well, I'm using the 4.50-18 firestone, front and back. But my rear seems a little low compared to yours, not really sure why. May I know what is the length of your rear shocks? My bonnie is an SE and I'm running a pair of shocks that's about 10mm longer than stock.

    May I also know what handlebar you are using? Here's a picture of my project: