desert run 2013

Welp. It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve posted anything. I guess after the final touches were applied, Scott spend more time riding and less time blogging it out. Not such a bad thing I guess.

A couple/few weeks ago some guys that Scott works with whipped up a plan for an overnight ride to the desert. The idea was for us to depart on Saturday afternoon from the Westside of LA. We’d circuitously make our way across the Ortega highway pass, through Elsinore, over to Idyllwild, up to Yucca Valley and overnight in Pioneertown.

In Pioneertown we stopped into Pappy and Harriet’s. Scott seemed thrilled to end his day with a steak and a cold beer.

The next morning we were off. We bombed through Joshua Tree. Then made our way around the Salton Sea, through the 116 degree heat of the Anza Borrego Desert, eventually making our way back over to the coast and the much cooler air.

All in all, 612 miles in a day and a half. Not a bad way to break in my second set of Cokers.


  1. Cool ride. Glad you survived the heat and got to see that eerie Salton Sea.

  2. Hi,
    Nice build, doing something similar, do you maybe still have your seat template in pdf or something?



    1. Hey Mac

      Wow, given that it's been 2 years since you wrote, I highly doubt you still need the seat template. But if you do, hit me up and I'll get it to you.