what's the plan?

what am i going to look like in the end? i know you're wondering the same thing. where indeed, sir and or madame, is this going? well, one of the advantages of having an owner who's a designer is that he can try out some ideas on the computer before he dives in head first with the credit card.

here's a super rough shop job of the direction we're headed. and a list of the intended mods required to get us there.

black powdercoat, black wrinklecoat and black paint 99% of the shiny bits
 drop the front and rear with ikon shocks and springs
 drop the secondary air injection
 chop the airbox
 new ceramic coated headers and sleeper exhaust
 replace fender with a 5" rolled edge
 new vintage tailight
 new bullet turns front and rear
 19" front, 18" rear wheels with new excel aluminum rims from buchanan's
 vintage diamond tread coker tires
 new high-rise tracker bars ( http://tinyurl.com/5smmfn5 )
 debadge tank, fill badge screw holes and finish in late '60 automotive green metallic paint (exact color tdb)
 headlight stone guard
 details: new ngk plug wires, clutch lifter cover, brush and polish all exposed metal, vintage gum grips
 custom low profile 2-up gel seat, diamond pattern black suede finish
 several cases of ice cold canned budweiser

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