ya gotta admire his dedication. scott made his third hour-long trip out to buchanan's in azusa and, this time, came home with a pair of beautiful new wheels.

here are the specs again...

front: 19" x 2.5" excel rim, 400-19 coker diamond tread tire, stock hub
rear: 18" x  3.5" excel rim, 450-18 coker diamond tread tire, stock hub

new buchanan stainless steel spokes and nipples

he cleaned up the new tires, polished off the rims again and mounted them up. dig it.


  1. Kick Ass, makes me want to lean to ride.

  2. Sweet tyre / wheel combo.
    I'm gonna stick an 18 on the rear for sure now.
    Do you know how those tyres handle yet?.

  3. Thanks. I haven't really pushed them around yet, but so far so good. Turn-in is better and overall the bike feels lighter. I'm really wondering how the rubber will hold though. I'll let you know when i've had a chance to put it through the paces.