it's true of many things in life. sometimes, you've got to take a step back before you can move forward. so, after sitting quiet in a dark garage for an entire week while scott visited some family, that's just what we did today, took a step backward. after it was all said and done, i'm feeling a little less confident that i'll be bombing the pacific coast highway by spring... but that's just me.

first up... remove the ignition from the headlight bracket and pull back the wiring harness in preparation for an ignition relocation

next... test fit the new headlight brackets (courtesy of lloyd's vintage). the first pic shows the comparison between the stock brackets and the new ones.

and then... we yanked the forks followed and removed the gauge cluster. why? scott's dropping a set of new ikon progressive springs in the forks and he's powdercoating the gauge cluster and updating the idiot lights with super bright led's

and just for shiggles... he popped on the new ngk plug wires. don't know why. doesn't make sense. i don't even have an ignition right now. but that's just the way he wants it to go.

lastly... here's the latest shot of the box o' shit that's come off of me since we started, along with a shot of the "progress" we made today.

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