elbow grease, weight loss and big cardboard box

things are starting to happen. today, scott came home from work and locked himself in the garage until midnight. polishing, cleaning, removing, replacing... that kind of stuff.

elbow grease

• drop swing arm, remove chain, soak chain, polish chain, lube and replace chain
• replace loose intake manifold clamps
• remove rear brakes, clean swing arm, clean and re-grease brakes, clean
• carb and engine exterior clean

weight loss

• remove headlight (i still don't know if that's the one that's going back on)
• remove front and rear turns
• remove tailight
• remove rear fender (in preparation for replacement)
• remove front reflectors

what's in the box?

i got a big box of new stuff today. (actually, 1 big box and 2 little ones.) here's what was in the box. he already started putting some of the new stuff on. like the clutch arm dress-up and rear shocks.

• new stainless manifold clamps
• new yellow ngk plug wires
• new headlamp mesh guard
• new ikon adjustable rear shocks (lowered 1")
• new ikon progressive front fork springs
• new vintage style tail light
• new mini bullet turns
• new led dummy lights
• new posh vintage style natural grips
• new rear wiring harness (for new turns and tailight)
• new superbar handlebar (note: i don't like it and fortunately scott doesn't either. it's going back and we'll continue the search for the perfect bar)

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