seat - part I

he knows it, you know it, the whole world knows it. the triumph bonneville seat, my seat, is just too big. if i’m going to make the transition from stocker to brat-tracker, we’re gonna need to do a little surgery. the goal here is to replace my bubble butt with a low, gel-core, black suede number finished in a diamond quilt stitched finish (the photo at the end of this post is spiritually what we're planning on).

here’s how we’re gonna get there...

  1. remove about a hundred staples and pull the old cover
  2. pull the old foam core.
  3. cut back the seat tray back so that it very closely follows the lines of the frame.
next up, we’ll create a polyurethane seat pan brace that the factory seat tray can bolt too. the reason? to create a nice, clean tight edge between the new seat and the frame, and to create some stability for the new seat, while retaining the factory connection points.

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